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Welcome to the YuGiOh Deck Talk blog. This blog is designed to compliment the YuGiOh Deck Talk podcast on iTunes, Spreaker, and YouTube.

This blog will discuss different deck builds, strategies, issues, and accomplishments in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links and the TCG.

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Generation Next Box Set Added to Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

On September 21st, Konami added the newest box set to Duel Links, Generation Next. This 200 card box set comes with a lot of great support for fusions, staple spells/traps for any deck, and some powerful new monsters.

The game also added a sale to obtain guaranteed SR and UR cards. If you would like to make an in game purchase, now is a great time.

King of the Swamp is a MUST HAVE in the TCG for fusion decks, and I expect the same in Duel Links. This card works in multiple dimensions to get your fusions out as quickly as possible. Doug’s Rating: 5/5

Fusion Recycling Plant helps you obtain a polymerization quicker, plus reuse your materials quickly. Doug’s Rating: 4/5

Floodgate Trap Hole is a staple for any deck looking for a powerful trap in its arsenal. This card is phenomenal in many situations. Doug’s Rating: 5/5

Five-Headed Dragon is an insanely powerful monster with a high requirement of resources to send onto the field. In this format with smaller hands, duelists need to be resourceful to bring this monster onto the field. Doug’s Rating: 4/5

Be sure to check out this new box set in the shop and try and get some of these fantastic cards!

September Banlist Hits Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG

On September 18th, the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG got hit with a new banlist with a total of 32 cards being affected. 

To see the official banlist, click HERE.

Many dino and True King decks got hit with cards like Miscellaneousaurus being dropped to Limited and Lithosagym being banned. Dangling, First of the Yang Zing was also banned. This card was very popular in recent months and highly effective.

Zoodiacs finally got their big hit, banning Drident and Broadbull, while also banning Daigusto Emeral. Ratpier also got dropped from semi limited to limited, as most players expected.

Other notables included limiting Dark Hole, a classic Yu-Gi-Oh! card and limiting Interrupted Kaiju Slumber.

Echoes of Silence Mini Box Set Released

On August 30th, Konami released the newest Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links mini box, which contains new support for multiple strategies in the game. Some of the highlight cards may prove to have excellent potential in both current and future deck builds. 

Let’s break down some of the Ultra Rares and Super Rares:

Silent Magician Lv8 – This powerful 3,500 ATK monster can only be special summoned by Silent Magician Lv4. The benefit of this card outside of this high attack is that it is unaffected by spell effects… Yup, that includes Enemy Controller! Doug’s Rating: 4/5

Spear Dragon – This high attack Lv 4 monster inflicts piercing damage to monsters with DEF less than Spear Dragon’s ATK. However, it is then switched to defense position. It seems like with each box set we get stronger monsters who do not require tributes. Doug’s Rating: 3.5/5

Greenkappa – This monster has a flip effect that destroys 2 set spell/trap cards. This can combo well with cards such as Wild Tornado to destroy opponents’ monsters! Doug’s Rating: 4/5 

Limit Reverse – This trap card special summons a 1,000 ATK or lower monster from the graveyard back to the field, but must remain in attack position. This card can combo well with cards like Kidmono Dragon and Totem Dragon to set up plays for stronger monsters, while not yet using your normal summon for the turn. Doug’s Rating: 4.5/5 

Emergency Provisions – This spell allows for a life point boost by destroying other spells and traps you control to the graveyard. This can pair well with 3 star demotion decks by giving you an extra life point buffer while potentially sending a spell or trap to the graveyard that has a beneficial effect. This is a pretty good card, especially with Dimension Gate, bringing your monster back and gaining life points in the process. Doug’s Rating: 3/5

Rising Air Current / Umiiruka – An excellent set of attack booster field spells for the respective monster types, but a bit overrated as Super Rares. Doug’s Rating: 3/5 

This mini box set comes with some impressive cards, though the cards’ synergy may not be as strong as prior box sets. Many of the cards discussed above can be added to a wide variety of decks, so take a crack at the box set with the 500 free gems that Konami gave all users in celebration of the new box set. 

Tune into the Podcast on iTunes, Spreaker, and YouTube for a further breakdown of the cards in the new box! 

Set Sail for The Kingdom: Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links Adds New Event

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links added a new event on August 29th through September 11th, and it is much different than any event seen before. This new “duelist chronicles” changes the way players earn rewards, advance in the story, and unlock legendary duelists.

Let’s break down what is similar and what’s different from the big events that Duel Links players are used to seeing…

The major similarity to the old system is the way to accumulate “Dice Fragments.” Dice Fragments are obtained by dueling the standard duelists and legendary duelists floating around duel world, similar to how every other major legendary duelist event has been set up. However, things start to get a little different from that point.

Instead of using your fragments obtained from standard duelists to duel a legendary duelist, you must spend your Dice Fragments on rolling the dice in the event board game. This is the biggest change between old and new events. The event now utilizes a board game function where you must roll a die to find whether you move 1, 2, or 3 spaces along the way.

Some spaces on the board include chests with great rewards, such as gems, and others come complete with standard duelists or a legendary duelist. Please note that you must duel each legendary duelist on the board no matter what, as indicated by the “Stop” word underneath the legendary duelists on the board. If you are one space away from the legendary duelist and you roll a 3, you only move one space to duel the legendary duelist. These are called “Event Duels.”
There are also support dice that you can get on the board to move you the exact number of spaces that you want to move. 

When dueling legendary duelists in the event duels, you have the option of selecting between two levels. The more difficult level legendary duelist will pay out more Millennium Coins after you defeat that duelist. However, if you lose, you go back to the space you were at on the map before you landed on the legendary duelist’s space. It’s another high risk, high reward situation that Duel Links seems to use more often in recent events.

The in-event rewards include a new system called “Millennium Coins” which are used to purchase draws from the “Millennium Lottery.” The rewards range from gate keys to gems to rare and super rare cards! The more duels you win, the more Millennium Coins you accumulate. These are all earned through the event board. In a way, this sort of reminds me of the Mario Party games on the Nintendo. Roll the dice and hope you land on something good!

At the end of each board map you are guaranteed a reward. These rewards may be specific cards, gems, and more. The most notable reward at the end of a map is at the end of the final map in your first round… unlocking Yugi Muto. That’s right, the new method on acquiring a legendary duelist has nothing to do with any sort of event points, but rather completing the maps in the event.

The more times you make it through all the maps, the more rewards you will receive! In true Duel Links fashion, the game rewards players for grinding through an event and putting some extra time into playing the game.

After playing through the event once over I feel that this was a much needed change of pace for major events within Duel Links. I believe the game is headed in the right direction with events like this one, especially tying things in with the animated series. There may be ways to improve on this new system full of rewards and opportunities, but for now the event is just plain enjoyable!

For an additional breakdown of the event, listen to the YuGiOh Deck Talk Podcast on iTunes/Spreaker/YouTube.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links Spotlight: The Duel Assessment Podcast

In a world full of YouTube, Twitch, Blogs, Telegrams, and Bogus Magazines, two legendary duelists decided to go in a different direction to bring discussions about Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links to the forefront of iTunes, through one of the best (if not THE best) podcasts out there… The Duel Assessment.

This weekly podcast touches on current events, rumors, strategy, advice, deck builds, tournament analysis, and just some genuine banter. Both hosts have a natural synergy that makes for smooth dialogue and they both have a lot of knowledge about the game itself. They’ll even have special guests like some doggos woofing in the background on occasion! Overall, it’s a one-stop shop for everything Duel Links. It’s hard to start the week without it.

The podcast itself even has a 5 star rating on iTunes!! Check out the great reviews and give them some more 5 star reviews!

We got a hold of Green Ranger and Decktech and asked them the tough questions that the people want to know! What people, you ask? The. People. 

Tell us about how you started your podcast. How did you guys meet? Who was the mastermind behind the idea? 

DT: We knew each other from Hearthstone Twitter. I found Duel Links right around when it launched in the US and posted something about it on Twitter, which piqued GreenRanger’s interest (see next question). We both noted that there were not many resources for the game and, at the time, no devoted podcasts to it. GreenRanger convinced me that instead of waiting for content to come, we should make it ourselves.

What got you hooked on Duel Links? 

GR: I had been seeking to play a digital version of Yu-Gi-Oh for a while, since I played the Power of Chaos trilogy. While I stopped playing the card game a long time ago, I still found the game interesting. I discovered the game through Decktech, as he posted screenshots of the game on Twitter one day, and I haven’t put the game down since.

DT: The game was released in the US on or around my birthday, and my birthday gift to myself was a weekend without obligations to just play all the videogames I wanted. I’ve always been a fan of card games, ever since I was a kid I tried out every card game I could. Off the top of my head, I’ve played: Pokemon, Yugioh, Pokemon and Yugioh’s derivative games, Digimon, Legend of the 5 Rings, Versus System, the WOW card game, A LOT of Magic, and, for the last three years, Hearthstone. There were two major limitations to me playing more card games growing up: 1) money, and 2) people to play against. Digital card games helped relieve those issues, and I grew up watching Yugioh, so Duel Links was an easy choice to try that birthday weekend. I tried it out, and found the game to be really fun and well done, so it stuck ever since!

What deck are you currently using in competitive ranked duels?

GR: Zombie Gemini, a real janky version based on ShinySopheon’s deck. I got 3 Heavy Knights of Flame fairly early, so I figured that he was the star of the deck, and could make it work. Because I only have 1 Gozuki, I decided to go for more Gemini synergy, with Supervise and Gemini Booster, with more Gemini monsters like Il Blud and Skelesaurus.

DT: I haven’t played a ton of PvP this month (just 45 wins at the time of writing), so hopefully I can get some more games in this next week. My best deck is probably just a Basic Red-Eyes deck (using Restart), but I got bored of that early in the season, so the past week or so I have been using Venus-Shine Ball through Platinum. The deck I’m looking forward to trying next is some sort of Hazy Sphynx deck, or maybe something using Psychics.

What is your favorite casual deck to use?

GR: I don’t play Casual mode, but I think the deck I enjoyed playing the most was Victory Viper. The deck is getting better with new Machine support, but I played a lot of the older version just with the different Gradius ships, Rare Metalmorph, and the Sleight of Hand skill. Despite the namesake, I think Lord British Fighter was the star of that deck.

DT: I don’t play in “casual” ever, but I do play casual decks at the ranked floors. I keep coming back to Tea Cyberstein and 30-card Merchant decks for those games. At the last ranked floor I also played a lot of Three-Star Demotion and Ishizu Fairy-Smile Mausoleum, and a little bit of Necrofear and/or Lava Golem. I love homebrewing, so I really wish I had more time to play these types of casual decks.

What card do you want to see added to Duel Links? 

GR: Gravity Bind. I think it will open up a lot of overlooked monsters with very low attack/defense, but good abilities. Of course, I get why it isn’t in the game, as burn decks could be too good with it. Overall, very impractical given the Duel Links setting, but it would be a very radical move that would galvanize the current meta.

DT: I think the team is doing a fine job of picking cards to add to the game, and my knowledge of the card game outside of Duel Links is fairly limited. I loved Black Luster Soldier–Envoy of the Beginning when I played IRL, but I think he’d be WAY too good in this game, so I’ll defer to others on this point. 

What’s your biggest beef with Duel Links?

GR: LD drops, whether it be farming at the Duel Gate, or event drops. It is deflating to know that very good meta-defining cards, or even very fun cards could not be obtained due to chance. I would be okay with a reroll reward option, that would result in a penalty in Duel Assessment, if it means better odds at getting what you want.

DT: My biggest beef, in the broadest sense, is collection growing. It is exciting that they constantly add new cards, but we don’t get enough gems to keep up! It really feels bad to see all these cool decks that we can’t try out without buying 600 packs. I also would prefer some sort of crafting system instead of the Card Trader that we currently have, as that would do a lot to help with growing our collections. On top of that, there’s some pressure on content producers to have robust collections so that we can talk about all the decks in the meta. I’m fine with putting a little money into the game–and I have done that–but the current cost to play is way too high. 

What is the best advice you can give for players trying to stay competitive in Duel Links?

GR: Knowing the meta is important. You want to go into a game having some sort of idea of what to expect based on the LD, skill, and deck size selected. It helps the apprehension of hitting into a set monster, or into a set backrow. Just the ability to play around things, and predict the backrow. Other than that, don’t worry about where people online are, and play at your own pace competitively.

DT: In light of my big beef with the cost of Duel Links, I think the most important thing is to maximize your resources. We’ve talked about it a few times on our show and I know you’ve talked about it as well. In terms of making your play better, the biggest individual thing I can recommend is within a duel going to Settings, turning Self Chain ON and switching Activation Confirmation to “Toggle Button.” With those settings, you are able to take full advantage of all game states, many of which the game will usually just skip over because their usages are a little niche. If you have ever wanted to chain to something and found yourself wondering why you could not, that’s why. The final piece of advice is to go watch some VoDs of top players, like DKayed, as you learn a lot from watching top players play

Do you have any upcoming projects together or solo that we can expect in the future? 

GR: Still focused on making The Duel Assessment podcast better. The game is growing, and we want to be part of it. For Hearthstone, I will continue running my blog (tastethemana.wordpress.com).

DT: In terms of Duel Links, we’re working on some updates for the show. Every once in a while I also stream some Duel Links play on Mobcrush, but I can’t really commit to a set schedule for it with my job. The vods are all on https://www.mobcrush.com/DeckTech, though. In terms of other personal projects, including a lot of Hearthstone stuff and a little bit of law stuff, you can check out my personal blawg at TheTavernBlawg.wordpress.com.

Where can our readers get in touch with you? 

GR/DT: Find our podcast, The Duel Assessment, in all podcast catchers. You can check out our website at theduelassessment.wordpress.com for show downloads and show notes. We’re also really active on twitter @Duel_Assessment, @GreenRangerHS, and @HSDeckTech or, if you are old school, you can email us at TheDuelAssessment@gmail.com.

Doom Shaman Added to Card Trader Inventory 

On August 24th, Konami announced the addition of four more cards to the Card Trader’s Inventory. Two of the Super Rares are breathing new life and relevance to Gemini deck builds. 

Here is a breakdown of the cards you can find in the near future:

Doom Shaman (SR) – This card is an excellent addition for Fiend decks, adding another 1 tribute monster with a strong attack of 2,400. However, the important part of this Gemini Spellcaster is its Gemini effect which allows it to special summon 1 Fiend from your hand or from either graveyard. This is some incredible support for Fiends, which have been getting more cards in recent months. If you can get past the Gemini aspect to activate Doom Shaman’s effect, this card can be extremely useful! Doug’s Rating: 3.5/5 

Featherizer (SR) – This monster provides for additional draw power through the use of its effect as well as the potential to set up different Gemini plays by sending a Gemini from the deck to the graveyard. It’s ATK and DEF leave much to be desired, but the main purpose is for this card to be sent to the graveyard by battle so the low stats are needed. Featherizer would be better if it were not just limited to being destroyed by battle to activate the effect. It is a good card, but will come at a high price being listed as a Super Rare. Doug’s Rating: 2.5/5

Where Arf Thou? (R) – This spell card allows you to search out a Level 1 monster if you already control a Level 1 monster on the field. However, if you do not summon that monster within the turn, you take 2,000 life points of damage. This card will be useful later on as more powerful effect Level 1 monsters are introduced to Duel Links. This card can be very good in the future. Doug’s Rating: 3/5 

Magic Deflector (R) – This trap card negates all spells that aren’t normal spells for the remainder of the turn. The immediate use for this card is perfect to counter powerful field spells like Toon Kingdom or to keep your opponent from using Enemy Controller for the rest of the turn. For a Rare, this card is an excellent trap to have in a lot of decks! Doug’s Rating: 3.5/5

After looking at these additions, this new card trader set comes with some great options if you have the budget to fortify your decks. They are definitely worth acquiring for your collection!
Tune into YuGiOh Deck Talk on iTunes/Spreaker/YouTube for more news and discussions. 

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links Surpasses 50 Million Downloads [NEWS]

On August 23rd, Konami announced the next great milestone for Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links… 50 Million Downloads! Duel Links is one of the highest rated games on Google Play (4.7/5 based on over a million reviews and 10 million downloads) so the hype has been well deserved! 

To celebrate this milestone, the game is adding some enticing benefits for free players and paying players alike. 

Free Gems (500)

Be sure to log in by August 29th to collect your 500 free gems. This is a fantastic way to easily get 10 more packs from any of your favorite box sets. The 500 gem freebie is a nice nod to the impressive 50 million downloads, so be sure to claim yours today. 

50 Million Download Flash Sale 

If you would prefer to spend a few dollars in the game, now is a better time than ever. All purchases up to the 4th one for each box will guarantee at least 1 Super Rare or Ultra Rare card. This is a great way to finish up your collections.

New Changes to Card Searchability

As players’ collections grow, the need for more efficient searching is a big need when building decks. Konami announced an update to the game coming out on August 29th where users can more effectively search for specific monsters and effects. This is a much needed feature, and one that will save a lot of headache for future deck building when navigating through one’s collection.

With all the new features being added, and the nice celebration for 50 million downloads, this week in Duel Links is set to be a memorable one! 

Stay tuned to the YuGiOh Deck Talk Podcast this week on iTunes/Spreaker/YouTube for more news!